Town Square Energy, LLC


Thefollowing is your Terms of Service (“Agreement”) with Town Square Energy, LLC(“TSE”), for the purchase of residential or small commercial electric service.TSE is licensed by the State Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (”PURA”) tooffer and supply electric generation services in Connecticut. The words “we”,“us”, “our” and “TSE” refer to Town Square Energy, and the words “you” and“your” refer to the Customer. These Terms of Service govern your purchase ofelectric generation services from TSE. TSE agrees to sell, and you agree to buythe quantity of electricity delivered to you, as measured or estimated by yourlocal distribution company (“LDC”). Please retain this Agreement for yourrecords.


Generation Rate

The plan will have a fixed rate as shown on the Customer Enrollment Form.

Rate Plan


Service Location

The service location is shown on the Customer Enrollment Form.

Contract Term & Expiration

The Initial Term of this Agreement will last for the number of meter read cycles shown on the Customer Enrollment Form. Service will begin on your first meter read following the acceptance of your enrollment with Town Square Energy by your LDC.

Contract Renewal

TSE will provide you with notification as required by regulation, at least 30, and not more than 60, days prior to your rate expiration. In this notification, you will be provided information regarding your Fixed Rate Renewal Plan and Renewal Term.

Other Fees

The Early Termination Fee, if any, is shown on the Customer Enrollment Form.

Right to Cancel

You can cancel this Agreement at any time subject to the cancellation provision stated in this Agreement. You do not need to contact Town Square Energy to cancel. You can contact your utility (Eversource or United Illuminating) to return to Standard Service or enroll with another supplier to cancel service.

Emissions & Generation Mix

If the Green option is selected the product exceeds CT RPS Requirements. 100% of customer consumption is offset by wind generated, green-E certifiable renewable energy certificates (RECs). Energy is delivered through ISO New England's system mix. Please refer to the Town Square Energy Disclosure Label included as a separate document.

If the Green option is not selected the product meets CT State RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) requirements. Please refer to the Town Square Energy Disclosure Label included as a separate document.

Supplier Contact Information

Town Square Energy, LLC
PURA Docket 10-03-11RE01

Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) Contact Information

You can contact the PURA with questions about licensed suppliers and Generation Rates or to file a complaint.

PURA’s Consumer Services Unit: 1-800-382-4586
PURA’s Website:

RIGHT TO RESCIND: You have the right to cancel this Agreement until midnight of the third business day after the date that you receive this written Agreement. To cancel this Agreement, you can write to us at 208 W Chandler Heights Rd, Suite 102, Chandler, AZ 85248, call 1-877-430-0093, email or text 1-952-641-7872.




PRICING: Your rate includes generation services only and doesnot include any applicable taxes. To compare your rate to your existingelectric generation service charge, please refer to the supplier servicesportion of your most recent electric bill. In addition, you are responsible forpaying your utility’s distribution and transmission charges as well as anyother applicable charges.

TERM / FEES / NOGUARANTEE OF SERVICE: For newcustomers of TSE, service of the Initial Term under this Agreement will beginon a date specified by your LDC. For existing or renewing customers of TSE,service under this Agreement begins on the date agreed to by a TSErepresentative. Prior to the end of the Initial Term or any Renewal Term, TSEwill provide you written notice of renewal (“Renewal Notice”), including theterm of such renewal (“Renewal Term”) and the pricing plan that will applyduring the Renewal Term. This Agreement will automatically renew at the pricingplan and for the Renewal Term set forth in the Renewal Notice unless yourequest we cancel your service or you enter into a new contract with TSE thatreplaces this Agreement. Customer acknowledges that Town Square Energy cannotguarantee a switch of Customer's account by a specific date and hereby holdsharmless Town Square Energy from any liability for, or arising out of, delaysin this process.

CANCELLATION/TERMINATION: To cancel this Agreement, you may call or email TSE atthe contact information provided within this Agreement. When you cancel services,you agree to pay for the services provided by TSE through the date you areswitched to another electric supplier or returned to the LDC for service. Youare responsible for all charges incurred through the date on which cancellationis effected by the LDC in addition to any early cancellation fee specified inthis Agreement. Once your service has begun, it will continue indefinitelyuntil canceled by either you or TSE.

ACCESS TOCUSTOMER INFORMATION: Byentering into this Agreement, you agree that your LDC may release to us certaininformation that we need to provide you with service, including but not limitedto your address, telephone number, account numbers, historical usageinformation, peak electricity demand and payment history. We will not give orsell your information to any unaffiliated third party without your consentunless we are required to do so by law.

SERVICE andSERVICE INTERRUPTION: TSE willsupply the electricity that you need for your home or business. TSE is a retailmarketer of electricity and not your LDC. The LDC will continue to deliverelectricity to your home or business, read your meter, bill you, and makerepairs. The LDC will also respond to emergencies and  will remain your point of contact in case of apower outage. You acknowledge and understand that your LDC remains responsiblefor delivery of electrical power to you. In no event shall TSE or any person orentity affiliated with TSE be deemed responsible for service interruption orany other problem with the delivery of electrical power to you. In the event ofan emergency or power outage you should call the LDC that supplies power toyour local area: Eversource at 800-286-2000 or The UnitedIlluminating Company at 800-722-5584.

BILLING ANDPAYMENT: You will receive one monthly bill fromyour LDC that includes the TSE generation charge and the LDC delivery chargeseach with taxes thereon. You will make payments for both the TSE generationcharge and the delivery charges directly to your LDC in accordance with yourLDC’s payment terms. Please consult your LDC’s tariffs for informationregarding late fees on delinquent payments, termination of service fornon-payment, security deposits, payment arrangement plans, and other paymentand credit terms.

TERMINATION BYTOWN SQUARE: In accordance withapplicable laws, rules and regulations, including those governing terminationof service, TSE reserves the right to terminate this Agreement: i) if your LDCis unable to read your meter for 3 consecutive months, or ii) if at some futuredate there is a change in any law, regulation, market rule or tariff thatmaterially impairs TSE’s ability to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.We will provide you with at least 15 days’ prior written notice of our intentto terminate this Agreement for any of the reasons specified in i) or ii)above. In addition, we reserve the right to terminate this Agreement at anytime for our convenience with advance written notice to you of at least 30days. Upon termination of the Agreement by you or us, you will be responsiblefor all TSE generation charges incurred hereunder until your account istransferred to LDC standard service or to another competitive electricitysupplier.



COMPLAINTS ANDDISPUTE RESOLUTION: Please contacta TSE customer service representative by telephone or via email at if you havequestions or concerns regarding your bill or our service. If you are notsatisfied with our initial attempt to resolve the problem, we ask that yourequest to have your issue escalated within our organization. If you remainunsatisfied, you may seek assistance from the Connecticut PURA. Contactinformation for TSE Customer Care and PURA are found in the Contract Summary onp.1 of this Agreement.

ASSIGNMENT: This Agreement shall extend to and be binding upon ourrespective successors and permitted assigns; provided, however, that you maynot assign this Agreement without our prior written consent. We may sell,transfer, pledge, encumber, or assign the accounts receivable and revenuesderived from this Agreement (or any proceeds thereof) in connection with anyfinancing Agreement, purchase of receivables program or other billing servicesarrangement. In addition, we may assign our rights and obligations hereunder toan affiliate of TSE, any person or entity succeeding to all or substantiallyall of the assets of TSE, or to a competitive supplier licensed to do businessin Connecticut. We shall provide you with 30 days’ written notice of any suchassignment. Any such assignee shall agree in writing to be bound by the termsof this Agreement and, following such Agreement, TSE shall have no furtherobligations hereunder.

LIMITATIONS OFLIABILITY: TSE’s liability in connection with thisAgreement shall not exceed the amount of your largest monthly invoice forelectric generation service during the twelve (12) months immediately precedingtermination of this Agreement. Except as otherwise provided herein, neitherparty shall be liable to the other for any indirect, special, consequential(including lost profits or revenues), incidental, indirect or punitive damagesfor claims arising hereunder.

ACCEPTANCE: This Agreement shall not become effective untilaccepted by TSE. TSE reserves the right to refuse acceptance of this Agreement.This Agreement may be modified from time to time in accordance with CT PURArules and shall govern TSE’s provision of supply service under this Agreement.This Agreement is subject to any future legislation; orders, rules, orregulations of the CT PURA; or tariff or policy changes of the LDC. Thesechanges are beyond the control of TSE, and may impact the terms and/or price ofthis Agreement.